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Why You are Weak: 6 Reasons and How to Fix them

Being weak is something I refuse to experience ever again. At 14 years old a whopping 5’3″ 103lbs and playing freshman football. Apparently, 14 was the age when my friends “decided to grow” and I was content being a blonde-haired baby faced munchkin. I was sprinting down field on a kick-off and positioning to make a [...]


How to Do Pull-Ups: A Sure-Fire Progression for Pull-up Proficiency Part 1

Pull-ups are my favorite upper-body exercise. I’ve been bumpin’ out pull-ups since I wore Nike wind pants and Pokémon cards were cool. I’m no longer slingin’ Pokémon cards on the playground but pull-ups and wind pants remain–they’re just too comfy. Nothing builds relative upper body strength and carves your back, biceps, and forearms like pull-ups. Plus, they’re [...]

Coffee, Lots of Squats, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

I’m excited. No, I didn’t PR in a deadlift, get 30 pounds of fresh bacon delivered to my door, or get a new car. It’s actually getting warm outside and I had a hot date this week for coffee with my fiancé Lauren. Fifty and sixty degree temperatures and good coffee are boat-loads better than [...]

early morning

Seven Secrets For Early Morning Workouts

I’ve been there before. Work is insane and you’re schedule is spiraling out of control. No longer is your 6 p.m. workout feasible, there’s too much too going on. Heck, even when you leave for the gym your phone rings. And rings. And rings. You grab your bag, slide your shoes on, and head back [...]

Master the Floor Press

Master the Floor Press

Happy take your girlfriend out to Dinner Day! Before you indulge in steak, seafood, bottomless Italian food, and wine (Boom-Pow!) I’ve got something for you– And it’s not a last minute savings on roses. Nope, It’s much better. It deals with the bench press and how to change the exercise to limit shoulder pain while [...]

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Eric Bach is a dude.

A dude who has the bad-ass job of bringing people to their ultimate life through fitness.

But really… Eric is a Denver based Strength Coach who owns and operates Bach Performance. Eric coaches busy professionals, athletes, and determined clients during the day and slays impractical lifestyles and body fat at night. He relentlessly works to fine tune the best methods to help guys build athletic bodies, and awesome lives. Eric has a BS Kinesiology, Emphasizing in Sports Performance, CSCS, PN1 and Coaches at Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance in Denver, Colorado. Continue Reading HERE.